Discliple 101: Incredible Directive

You are Noah. Yes, the Noah of the global flood (Genesis 6). God has just given you an incredible directive: “Build an ark!”  With that command you have received dimensions and a few guidelines regarding construction materials, but that is about it.  And that is the easy part. Now, how will you actually go about building the ark? Do you have a plan? What is your strategy? You must have one because the ark will not build itself.

You are a believer. Jesus has given you an incredible directive (Matthew 28:18-20): “Make disciples!” You and other believers as a part of the Body of Christ have received some Scriptural guidelines. How will you effectively make disciples? Do you have a plan? What is your strategy? You must be intentional because disciples are made, not automatically born.

At FBCW we want be intentional disciple-makers. We also have an easy and straight-forward plan to help us intentionally achieve the incredible directive given to us. We call it the 4D Discipleship Pathway. Let’s step onto it and see where it takes us!

-Erik Wilkins