Four Practices I Would Tell My 18-Year-Old Self

“Transitional periods can be one of the most ambiguous and misleading times in life—especially for young adults who have just barely reached adulthood. Depending on God and what He has for us will allow us to remain faithful and trusting even in the most uncertain of times, and as young adults trying to traverse new living situations, schedules, and acquaintances, we also need all the encouragement and care from each other that we can get.”

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It Is Foolish To Not Believe In The Devil

“While all true believers know Satan exists, many have succumbed to the notion that spiritual warfare is not that big of a deal. I fear that there are even some Christians reading this now, saying to themselves, “Yeah, okay, sure, I know Satan exists, and yeah, I know spiritual warfare is real, but I don’t believe that Satan or his demons are lurking behind every bush, and I don’t believe that I can really do anything about spiritual warfare anyway.”

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From Nowhere

This time of year, I am reminded that Jesus grew up in a forgotten, hidden town just like this. Jesus was born in Bethlehem due to the census, but his hometown was a place called Nazareth.

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Tim Riddick

My encouragement to you and to my own heart this Christmas is to avoid becoming so busy in doing things (even good things!) that we squeeze out the time to ponder and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas

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